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802.11: Current Trends

802.11 End to End

802.11 Security: Today and Tomorrow

IEEE 802.11a - Technology and Measurement Overview

IP Solutions for Embedded 802.11 Wireless LAN Applications

Wireless LAN – A Unified Physical Layer Design and Measurement Environment

Advanced WLAN Receiver Testing

Taking a WLAN Card from Development into Manufacturing

Wireless LAN Security

Modeling OFDM Effects in Baseband WLAN Systems


An Overview of cdma2000 Technology Concept

3GPP Rake Receiver from Algorithm Design to Implementation

3G Services and The Future of Business Communications

10/08 Data Throughput Analysis on IS-2000 Wireless Networks

Meeting the Challenges of Optimizing cdma2000 Using Drive Test Tools


The Path to 4G

How to Roam Seamlessly Between WiFi Hotspots and 2.5 or 3G Networks

IPv6—Enabling the Future of the Internet

IPv6 Transition Mechanisms—Comparisons and Deployment

Modern Power Management Solutions for Portable Applications

Bluetooth: Updates and Changes, V1.2 Illustrated

Integrating Bluetooth Wireless Technology with a User-Configurable Microprocessor

Next Generation Wireless Network Planning and Design

Wireless Standards: Rapidly Becoming the Standard Networking Technology in Any New Engagement

Optimizing Battery Systems for Mission-Critical Portable Applications

An Overview of GPRS Technology Concepts


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