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Links from UCSD:

Cal-(IT)2: Cal. Institute Telecommunication & Information Technology

CWC: Center for Wireless Communications

WRAPI: Wireless Research API

ABC: Always Best Connected Website

Related Projects:

SAHARA: Service Architecture for Heterogeneous Access, Resources, and Applications (University of Califonia, Berkeley)

ICEBERG: Internet-based CorE BEyond thiRd Generation [NOte:1998--2001] (University of Califonia, Berkeley)

BARWAN: Bay Area Research Wireless Access Network [NOte:1995--1998] (University of Califonia, Berkeley)

iMASH: Interactive Mobile Application Support for Heterogeneous clients (University of Califonia, Los Angeles)

Adaptive System-on-chip Architecture for Mobile Multimedia Communication (University of Califonia, San Diego)

MPA: Mobile People Architecture (Stanford University, Stanford)

Mobile Information Access: Coda and Odyssey (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)

Darwin: Resource Management for Application-Aware Networks (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh)

Monarch: MObile Networking ARCHitectures (Rice University, Houston)

Adaptive Protocol Suite for the Next Generation Wireless Internet
(Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)

ANMoLe: Application-level Networking solutions for MobiLe users (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

TRUST: Transparently Reconfigurable UbiquiTouS Terminal (European Effort, Indirectly Related)


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